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Flavors and knowledge is a bilingual podcast focusing on the gastronomic education in relation to food as a complement to a healthy lifestyle. Our topics vary from health & wellness suggestions, technical procedures, recipes, stories, products and ingredients analyzation, with the overall mission of educating the consumers, and generating awareness in the "truth of eating well". Podcasts are in English with an accent and Italian.

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Saturday Jul 18, 2020

Chef Walter offre una breve introduzione sul cibo consumato nell'antica Roma durante l'ímpero. Il podcast e' prodotto in lingua Italiana. Seguiteci anche su Youtube per la completa rassegna dei nostri video-cast.

Tuesday Jul 14, 2020

Chef Walters untold on sugar consumptions with suggestions on reducing the unnecessary amount. Also the production of beet and sugar cane transformation. Show notes available here

Tuesday Jul 07, 2020

Chef Walters Flavors + Knowledge analyzes the incredible chocolate from Modica, Sicily. From the ancient Aztecs to Italy, the product's uniqueness is a taste of Paradise.

Monday Jul 06, 2020

Chef Walter explains the rise of this popular dish among Americans. From an unusual beginning to stardom in Hollywood.

Saturday Jul 04, 2020

Flavors + Knowledge adds few tips on grilling. Chef Walter offers suggestions on his own grilling methods.

Monday Jun 29, 2020

This episode of Flavors + Knowledge is about the trade of the spices in Venice during ancient times.  

Thursday Jun 25, 2020

In this episode of Flavors + Knowledge, Chef Walter shares the recipe for the Fake Sauce. Developed after the Second World War, this sauce is related to the ingenuity of Italian mothers and grandmothers. For Recipe visit www.chefwaltersfinefIoods.com/blog. For the show, notes visit https://walterpotenza.substack.com/  

Thursday Jun 11, 2020

Flavors + Knowledge offers News you can eat, quick bites of food knowledge. This segment is about the murderous almonds, and if you have 4 minutes, we have some brain-food for you. Sponsored by Federal Hill Sunday Gravy artisanal sauces. Visit HERE

Thursday Jun 11, 2020

Flavors + Knowledge offers a quick overview of avocado in this segment called Quick Learning. If you have 5 minutes we have food knowledge for you. Sponsored by Federal Hill Sunday Gravy artisanal sauces. Visit HERE

Thursday Jun 04, 2020

Flavors + Knowledge analyzes the DOP Tomatoes. Are they worth the price, and if in-fact they are superior in quality. Food purist cannot seem to live without them, so let's figure out the details. Sponsored by Chef Walters Cooking School HERE

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