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Flavors and knowledge is a bilingual podcast focusing on the gastronomic education in relation to food as a complement to a healthy lifestyle. Our topics vary from health & wellness suggestions, technical procedures, recipes, stories, products and ingredients analyzation, with the overall mission of educating the consumers, and generating awareness in the "truth of eating well". Podcasts are in English with an accent and Italian.

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Monday Jun 01, 2020

This episode is part of our DISCOVERY SERIES, where we travel to analyze various Italian products, hoping to generate awareness and knowledge among consumers. TODAY we'll focus on a specific Italian cured meat, called prosciutto. Sponsored by Chef Walters Cooking School in Rhode Island. For details visit HERE 

Saturday May 30, 2020

Questo episodio di Sapere I Sapori analizza la storia del caffe nel tempo. Dal suo arrivo in Europa sino ad oggi il caffe ha inciso sulla cultura domestica Italiana. Alla fine del 1600 iniziò a diffondersi il caffè anche a Venezia grazie ad un medico botanico, di nome Prospero Alfino. SIS e'un podcast sponsorizzato dalla Chef Walters Cooking School in Rhode Island.

Friday May 29, 2020

Flavors + Knowledge virtual cooking class talks about PASTA FROLLA the rich pastry dough widely used in many Italian desserts, crostate and savory tarts. This episode is about a pastry chef named Francesca Spalluto and her famous sweets. For more info on Francesca visit her site here

Friday May 22, 2020

This new discovery series focuses more on food and tourism. We begin with the smallest region of Italy Valle DAosta located in the Northwest territory near France. Chef Walter and F+K explain some of the most interesting aspects of the region, one that may be on your next-visit list. Sponsored by Chef Walters Cooking School HERE

Monday May 18, 2020

In this episode of Flavors + Knowledge Chef Walter analyzes the exquisite lentils from Altamura in the region of Puglia, Italy. Particularly preferred by fine chefs and food lovers, this legume stands out as the premiere in its category. F+K is sponsored by Chef Walters Cooking School in Rhode Island USA. Visit HERE 

Tuesday May 12, 2020

In this episode of Flavors and Knowledge, Chef Walter illustrates the technical and historical differences between the gelato and ice cream. Loved by everyone, gelato is the quintessential Italian favorite snack of any time during the year. For additional details HERE

Tuesday May 05, 2020

This episode of Flavors + Knowledge begins our virtual cooking class with the explanation of artichoke, as well as a recipe of artichoke terrine, tomatoes, onion, mozzarella and fresh herbs. You can also download the recipe HERE

Friday May 01, 2020

Questo episodio di Sapere I Sapori presenta la storia del Brodetto Marchigiano riconosciuto come emblema della regionalita marinara della regione. Le sue 4 varieta'vengone elencate con alcuni accorgimenti su come cucinarli e servirli. Per ricette al riguardo visitate il blog dello Chef Walter Potenza QUI

Tuesday Apr 28, 2020

This episode of Flavors and Knowledge reveals the story of a man Michele Felice Corne, who in 1822 moved to Rhode Island and consumed an entire bushel of tomato in a courtroom to convince residents of the validity of tomato. For all service from Chef Walter link HERE

Sunday Apr 26, 2020

This episode of Flavors and Knowledge explains the basic foundations on the organic and conventional process of growing produce and fruits. Quick 6 minutes listening to make you more aware and hopefully guide you to be a smarter shopper. For recipes, suggestions and cooking classes calendar click HERE 

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